Parking Mercat del Ninot

Parking Mercat del Ninot

The Mercat del Ninot car park is perfectly connected to the city's public transport network, as in addition to multiple bus stops, the Hospital Clínic metro station (L5) leading directly to Camp Nou, Barcelona Sants Station or the Sagrada Família is just a few metres from the car park. 

Located in l'Antiga Esquerra de l'Eixample, at one end of the market that gives it its name, the Mercat del Ninot car park offers very competitive rates as well as total security. It is also the best option if you are heading for the Hospital Clínic or the University of Barcelona's Faculty of Medicine, which can be reached just by crossing the street. A little further on is the modernist campus of the Escola Industrial

The Mercat del Ninot car park is located in a dynamic neighbourhood that offers a wide range of cultural activities during the day (museums, universities, ...) and at night is one of the main nightlife areas in the city with bars, restaurants and trendy clubs. 

Without a doubt, it is the ideal parking lot to leave your vehicle parked near the centre of Barcelona and enjoy your visit to the city knowing that your car is safe and secure throughout your stay. 

This parking is inside the limited traffic zone ZBE Rondes de Barcelona.

ZBE Rondes de Barcelona (LEZ or ZTL in some countries) is an area of over 95 km², comprising Barcelona and the municipalities surrounding the ring road, which applies environmental restrictions to vehicle traffic. Please note that a booking is not an authorization.

From Monday to Friday, between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm, only ecological vehicles and those with the environmental label B or C of the Spanish Traffic Authority -DGT- are allowed to circulate here. Vehicles registered outside Spain are not classified according to the environmental criteria of the DGT environmental label.

To drive there without being ticketed, all foreign vehicles must register and pay the corresponding tax.

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Remember: In Barcelona car parks can NOT authorize access to the LTZ and you need to be registered.


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Parking Mercat del Ninot

C. Casanova, 127
08036, Barcelona

Places of interest

  • Hospital Clínic
  • Esquerra de l'Eixample
  • La Villarroel

Car park services

Height: 2.10m.
Guarded parking
Guarded parking
Attendant doesn't keep the key
Attendant doesn't keep the key

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday 08:00h. - 21:00h.
Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed



Multipass (You can get in and out during your stay.) No restrictions.
  1. One hour|24 hours: €25.00
  2. One day|2 days: €35.00
  3. One day|3 days: €45.00
  4. One day|4 days: €50.00
  5. One day|5 days: €55.00
  6. One day|6 days: €60.00
  7. One day|7 days: €60.00
  8. One day|8 days: €65.00
  9. One day|9 days: €70.00
  10. One day|10 days: €70.00
  11. One day|11 days: €75.00
  12. One day|12 days: €75.00
  13. One day|13 days: €80.00
  14. One day|14 days: €85.00
  15. One day|15 days: €120.00
  16. One day|16 days: €120.00
  17. One day|17 days: €120.00
  18. One day|18 days: €120.00
  19. One day|19 days: €120.00
  20. One day|20 days: €120.00
  21. One day|21 days: €120.00
  22. One day|22 days: €150.00
  23. One day|23 days: €150.00
  24. One day|24 days: €150.00
  25. One day|25 days: €150.00
  26. One day|26 days: €150.00
  27. One day|27 days: €150.00
  28. One day|28 days: €150.00
  29. One day|29 days: €150.00
  30. One day|30 days: €150.00
  31. One day|31 days: €150.00

Contact us

C. Casanova, 127
08036, Barcelona

Parking location in the map
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